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Atal Innovation Mission (AIM): It is a Government of India endeavour to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, driven by Niti Aayog. AIM supports the establishment of new incubation centres called Atal Incubation Centres. Manipal University was selected as Atal Incubation Centre- MUJ (AIC- MUJ), for turning the vision of Atal Innovation Mission into reality. The institute was one of the ten selections out of the 3658 first round applicants. AIC- MUJ is one of a kind academia-industry- government partnership, driven by Atal Innovation Mission to create high-class incubation facilities with suitable infrastructure in terms of capital equipment and operating facilities. It is coupled with the availability of sector-wise experts for mentoring the start-ups so that these startup businesses can become successful entrepreneurs and enterprises.

About Manipal University

The Manipal Education and Medical Group is an established leader in the field of education, research and healthcare. In a span of over six decades, it has transformed the lives of more than 3,00,000 students from over 59 countries. The group includes five Universities - Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE, Karnataka), Sikkim Manipal University (Sikkim), American University of Antigua (Caribbean Islands), Manipal International University (Malaysia) and Manipal University Jaipur (Jaipur).

Manipal University

Lets take your Startup to Next Level

AIC-MUJ would support and encourage innovative technology-based start-ups that have an application and/or impact in the core sectors of the economy We would provide the startups with necessary guidance, tech support, infrastructure,access to investors, networking, and facilitating a host of other resources that may be required for the startup to survive and scale. Assist the incubates in creating a sustainable, scalable & profitable business model providing physical infrastructure and value-added support services.Conduct events and inspirational programs providing training and mentorship to entrepreneurs. Forge partnerships and networks with academia, industry, funding sources, existing incubators and others for the start-ups to leverage enabling access to prototyping facilities, test beds, markets, and pilot implementation for the product/services. We would help you building a strong team with adequate knowledge and experience in guiding start-ups, building business plans,facilitating investments, building networks. An ideal application would be a collaboration between a corporate sector entity and a research oriented institution with aligned areas of focus.

Presenting AIC-MUJ Startups

Work Process

  • 01

    Concept and Research

    create a business plan and mission statement. Set goals for your development over the coming years

  • 02


    Create a prototype, develop a process, and start building a team. Secure funding.Continue to refine your business model.

  • 03


    begin to get the word out about your product and gain your first customers. Here you find out whether or not your company is truly viable.

  • 04


    efining your process, making it more efficient. How can you streamline your process? Are there parts of the workflow you can cut out altogether?

  • 05


    In this stage, which can start at year 2 to 3 and last for years, you iterate on what’s working and put processes into place to iterate faster.

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